Review: "Johnny Fracture" by Waheed Ibne Musa

Johnny Fracture - Waheed Ibne Musa

First of all, I want to thank the author from whom I received an e-book copy of this novel in exchange of an honest review.
Secondly, let me tell you what this book is about. Well, the story begins with a nameless poor old man, who was making a living by playing the guitar. He was accompanied only by his loyal dog, Sheroo, which was a brave and extremely intelligent animal, which in some moments it seems to me that it was acting and thinking like a human being. I really liked Sheroo. As for the old man, we don’t really get to know him or about his past until the second half of the book, where we finally find out his name and story. Their life is going to change after the courageous old man saves a woman and attracts the anger of Carlos, a dangerous man. After a series of events the story throw us from New York all the way to Mali, Africa, right in the middle of an illegal goldmine, where our hero was kept as a slave. There he will go through a lot trying to get out of there alive and return to New York to obtain his revenge.
There are so many things happening in this book that you have no chance to get bored, it is surely an action packed novel.
Additionally, I really like the author’s style of writing, the narration and description makes you to visualize the events as they are happening right in front of your eyes. Reading “Johnny Fracture” was like watching a movie. A movie with gangsters, Italian mafia, African slavery and illegal mining, and, even, a little bit of arena fighting and boxing; and of course, there are some romantic and sad moments that couldn’t have missed from this book. The story has, even, some plot twists,..ok maybe not that kind of plot twists which make you to exclaim: “What the..? I didn’t see it coming.” They are more that kind of plot twists, which are based on the fact that you will be surprised by some people’s betrayal, and I can tell you that the characters from this book have a lot of secrets and you can’t tell who is going to betray who, next. No one is who it seems to be.
I must say that I, especially, enjoyed the second half of the book. There are some pretty cool characters there and I loved the “Johnny, Sammy and Frankie Trio”.
In conclusion, I didn’t expected to read this book so quickly. It isn’t a masterpiece but it’s a good novel. I would like it to be longer, maybe. I think the author could have insisted more on some scenes, and extend some moments, and that way there could have been two volumes instead of one. Overall, “Johnny Fracture” was enjoyable to read and I will recommend it to anyone and, especially, to the readers who have an interest in mafia, fights, guns and 70s.
PS: Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to read this book and to discover a new great author.