Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

First of all, I really liked the main character, Mare. At the beginning, I though there will be some kind of a love triangle, or a square :) , but it wasn’t to be. I like the fact that Mare is an heroine who wasn’t blinded by love, also her powers are pretty badass, so she couldn’t be put in the “useless heroines’” category. You can’t get bored while reading this book because it has action, it has interesting characters, some with awesome superpowers and, of course, an amazing plot twist. I mean that plot twist was totally mind blow, I didn’t see it coming. I like the books that manage to surprise me, I mean, generally, most of the books I have read were so predictable, but this is the kind of book that will make you exclaim: Whaaat! “Anyone can betray anyone”. Yes, there was this character which I didn’t like at the beginning because he wasn’t really a character who can attract my attention, was kinda boring, but after a while I began to think about him that: “Is ok…I start to like him, is not so bad after all, is also pretty useful…”, but than toward the end of book, I was like: "I knew, I knew that he’s a bastard…how could I have been fooled like that.” The book left me with a cliffhanger, so now I need soooo bad to read the next book, but sadly this will be possible just the next year…In conclusion, now I need to find another great book to read because after I finished the last page of this one, I was in the “what I am going to do with my life now” mood.
To sum up, if you want to read a great YA, dystopic, fantasy book you must read the Red Queen. 4.5/5

PS: Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my native language so yeah… Also this is my first “review”, if I can call it so. Maybe the next one will be better.